Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring is an increasingly important part of fleet telematics. Refrigerated vans, trucks, vehicles and trailers are used for food, pharmaceutical and agricultural haulage. Reduce losses, save costs and improve efficiency on your refrigeration vehicles by using temperature monitoring from EZtoTrack.

In refrigerated vehicles carrying chilled, frozen or perishable goods, a reliable temperature monitoring system can be invaluable. In the event of a problem, door alarms and temperature alerts allow you to take immediate action to protect your refrigerated cargo and reduce losses. Working together with fleet management solutions, temperature reports provide a documented audit trail of temperature conditions for QA reporting.

One of the more important additional options offered by EZtoTrack, is the installation of temperature sensors in the vehicles.

Depending on the customers’ needs, per vehicle can be installed from 1 to 3 temperature sensors. They are placed in various spots of the vehicle. I.e. in the inside of the container and at the door, because with every opening and closing of the doors during unloading, there is a certain temperature difference in the vehicle which may affect the quality of products.


The application offers the possibility of generating reports with the following data:

  • Basic information (current temperature);
  • Exceeding rate of the temperature range and maintaining rate of the temperature of each sensor;
  • Temperature graph which shows the measurements of each sensor separately within a certain time interval.


With the availability of these data, distributor companies are fully protected from possible claims of inadequate products transport. Through automated reports, they have confirmation at any time, that products sensitive to temperature are properly transported and there is no risk of spoiling. This way, additional costs for damaged goods due to the temperature of storage and transporting can be eliminated.