GPS tracking
The trucking industry has witnessed dramatic change in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every fleet. Some have seen an uptick in business, while other businesses have suffered. But most fleets seem to feel the worst is behind us, and are now looking towards the new normal.

During times like these, businesses have to consider the health and safety of the drivers, field technicians, the security of vehicles and equipment, and all of the fixed costs of maintaining the fleet. That’s why implementing GPS tracking (if you don’t have it) or getting the most out of your GPS tracking solution (if you have one) is one of the smartest decisions you can make right now — both to protect your business through the pandemic, and to set your business for the new normal.

GPS Tracking in Pandemic

Protect Your Vehicles & Assets Against Theft (Which Is Up Due To COVID-19)

Difficult times can bring out the worst in people. According to national statistics, theft of vehicles is up, due to CoronaVirus. We’re already seeing this play out in increased theft of commercial vehicles and vehicle parts. And also, if your company vehicles contain expensive equipment or parts, they may be an extra attractive target. By installing GPS tracking solution on your vehicles, and additional sensors/tags on your assets such as trailers, containers, or heavy equipment, at any moment you’ll know where all of your assets are. If a thief manages to steal one, you can use this information on the location in real-time.

At the same time this can earn you a discount on your insurance premiums. Vehicles with anti-theft features — including GPS tracking — can typically get a discount up to 25% on coverage. So, GPS tracking helps both your business and the insurance carrier as well. In fact, the money you could save through a premium reduction might pay for the cost of the GPS tracking solution.

Get Real Visibility into The Activity of The Vehicles & Assets

A major factor in whether or not a business will adapt to the new normal will be how much visibility they have into what’s happening with operations, and how quickly they can respond to challenges. What if you have an employee who is under stress due to the impacts of the COVID-19 and is obsessively reading the news on his phone as he drives to job sites? The right fleet management solution can help you know this before he has a chance to do real damage to himself, others, your vehicles, and your business. If your driver brakes too hard, takes a corner at high speeds, or makes other reckless moves in your vehicle, with EZtoTrack you’ll know it all.

Give Your Customers One More Reason to Choose Your Business

With the impacts of COVID-19, businesses are under increased pressure to stay competitive. Your business must differentiate against other providers as you compete for a potentially shrinking pool of prospective customers. One way to distinguish your business is to provide outstanding service to your customers. To do that, you must make sure your team is always able to send the right person, with the right equipment, to the right job. With the EZtoTrack mobile application for drivers you can easily dispatch jobs. For example, when a potentially valuable new customer calls in a waste management company, your fleet manager can set job priority, job details and navigation for the drivers in few clicks. Also, they can use the container billing and customer billing reports to manage the containers and maximize the use of equipment and last but not least, increase revenues.

GPS Tracking

Next Level Asset Management

What happens when your employee forgets a tool on client side? Or someone moves something important and forgets to tell everyone where they left it? Your employees need to focus on their work — not worrying over your vehicles, trailers, or equipment. With EZtoTrack, you have access to Geolocation technology that lets you draw a virtual boundary around any area, allowing you to track all movements of your vehicles and assets in and out of that area. This way, you’ll be far more likely to find and recover important assets, and keep everyone productive.



There are many ways GPS Tracking Systems can serve your company right now and to help you prepare for growth in the new normal. Unlike most services, with EZtoTrack you get a fully automated and customizable solution that can scale up to your business needs. At EZtoTrack, we take a consultative approach and work with you to learn the technology involved in helping manage your assets in real time, showing the expected ROI from our IoT solution.

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