EZtoTrack Tracking Solutions for Container Tracking


  • Monitoring of position and temperature during transport
  • Automated recording of all data related to billing
  • Storage of position, tracking, temperature figures for clients and insurance


  • Tracking current location
  • Monitoring temperature of trailers


  • Easy mounting/dismounting
  • Quick tracking
  • Monitoring of container position
  • Temperature of tank container

Container tracking

Improve Visibility of Containers and Chassis

Quickly monitor the status of each container movement with a dedicated Container Tracking screen that tracks unreturned and returned containers, container locations, days out and dates of return. The system helps you take action through alerts, based on your data for container status issues and days out thresholds to help reduce unnecessary detention charges.

The system allows you to establish fee schedules for container per diem.  Container free time is also tracked and displayed in the system.  The system allows you to track multiple containers, chassis, or other serialized equipment against an order, as well as giving you views of the entire container or chassis pools and their status. This global pool management reporting makes managing all of the containers and chassis in your custody much simpler. All by giving you an accurate real-time picture of status and location any time you need it.

With the efficiency the system delivers, you’ll not only increase the volume of container orders handled by your current staff, you’ll also boost the profitability of those orders by avoiding costly demurrage and detention charges.

Smart Containers

Improvements in mobile technology are creating a new market for Smart Containers. Capable of providing a more granular level of information to the shipper and ultimately creating a market for big data in the field of cargo shipping. Innovative companies are now emerging with solutions designed specifically for container intelligence. All to provide the shipper a greater level of insight relative to their materials and giving carriers the competitive advantage of positioning their services beyond just transportation. Common elements that would be tracked in such a manner include:

  • Real Time GPS Positioning – A must for container insight;
  • Security – Monitoring and reporting of entry into a container to prevent theft, contamination, and other risks;
  • Environmental Conditions – Capturing and reporting on temperature and other environmental conditions.

Given the dynamics of the daily operations of the company and the number of vehicles necessary a lot of information is provided by Bransys fleet managment system. Dauti Commerce has a long and successful implementation of this system.

Using this software rather facilitate our work as a company in its entirety. Fast and modern application with the possibility of producing reports and notifications of total costs of vehicles and it has helped us to reduce costs and increase employee productivity. Thanks to the quality of service and the huge benefits will always be room for further cooperation.

Nermine Sulejmani

Dauti Commerce

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