EZtoTrack Tracking Solutions for Light Vehicle Fleet Management


  • Fuel theft
  • Administration of private and business vehicle usage done manually
  • High manual and administrative work for managing company fleet
  • Monitor and protect vehicle transported goods in real-time
  • Automatic staff  work time logging
  • Reports about customer visits


  • Driver identification
  • Matching of drivers with tasks and customers
  • Control of processing
  • Theft protection
  • ELD – Electronic logbook for private/business distinction


  • Staff work time billing
  • Electronic logbook
  • Minimization of theft losses
  • More efficient resource deployment
  • Calculated fuel consumption

Light Vehicle Fleet Management

Managing Fuel Spend

EzToTrack system is intended also, for companies which own fleets of light vehicles.
This service is based on AVL device, mobile and/or tablet applications. With EzToTrack the client can have full real time observation over his fleet and report for any previous period. With this system the client can manage the routes of his fleet and create points of interest at any route. This system offers a complete HR Management Solution, Fleet Management Solution and provides two-way communication. With the tablet and mobile application the client can have complete control of the vehicle and driver location, by checking in any object at some point of interest on the route. The system has unlimited archive with information. It gives access to many different reports and alarms for technical services or unwanted activities. Also it can track records about activities after working hour and during working hours.

The whole system is designed to lower the total costs of the company, to give full control over the fleet and to provide better time management. The system provides route optimization that increases the productivity of the route and reduces working hours.  The system generates all the necessary information about IFTA and automatic calculates the costs about fuel taxes. This and many other system options reduce man hours and reduce the man hour costs.

Considering all of the costs that we had related to vehicles and wanting to increase the productivity of our employees, we decided to use Bransys fleet management system. Their system and its functionalities helped us to reduce our fuel costs and increase the quality of service.

We hope that in the upcoming period, our cooperation will be increased and also the benefits that you get will be satisfactory.


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