EZtoTrack Tracking Solutions for Construction and Mining


  • Fuel theft and theft of construction machines
  • Monitor machinery usage and real operating hours
  • Automated recording of all data related to billing


  • Digger
  • Wheel loader
  • Batch mixer
  • Automotive construction machines
  • Small machinery (tampers, plate compactor, etc.)
  • All heavy duty machinery that have hydraulic system


  • Reduce downtime by accurately predicting maintenance needs
  • Track fuel usage and idling patterns
  • Monitor haul cycles to find opportunities for improvement
  • Send assignments to operators based on current mine parameters
  • Monitor the status of all shovels, trucks, drills, dozers, and other equipment
  • Observe machine performance with data direct from OEM systems
  • Alert operators to cab filter degradation and unsafe dust levels

Construction and Mining

Time = Money

Because time = money, you want your fleet to stay efficient and on time. Each building and construction job offers unique challenges, as well as mundane everyday tasks, so having an advanced GPS fleet tracking solution that delivers on demand is key.

Completing projects on time and within estimates can be difficult to accomplish without an efficient deployment of equipment, crew, and other resources to the job site. With EzToTrack you’ll be more productive, improve equipment maintenance, reduce downtime, and have better data to make more informed decisions.

Our comprehensive fleet management system is intuitive and easy to use, uniquely flexible and configurable, scalable to meet changing needs over time, and integrates with other systems.

EZtoTrack fleet management by Bransys gives you the power and versatility needed to lower your operating costs, spend more time producing, and get more out of your mine. By implementing special algorithm for each machinery through integrating hydraulic sensors and RPM our system is able to report active and passive hours for each machinery.

Branko Trajkovski

CEO, Bransys Group for ELEM solution

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