• Protection against fuel and vehicle theft
  • Automated recording of all data related to billing
  • Automatic staff work time logging
  • Proof of operating hours


  • Tractors
  • seeder and harvest machines
  • Winter service
  • Forestry and timber harvesting machines
  • Mobile woodcutters
  • Timber transport with/without crane


  • Accurate monitoring
  • Order based billing
  • Documentation of rendered services
  • Harvested area
  • Automatic recognition of tenant
  • Optimization of machine deployment


Operating a fleet in the Agriculture industry presents itself with several challenges including fleet management. Your fleet operates in some of the most hostile, dirty and abusive environments. Proper maintenance of your equipment is paramount in a successful operation. The EzToTrack Fleet Management System can assist you in keeping check on your equipment and keeping it operational through all the abuse that mother-nature can throw at you. The EzToTrack System gives you to the control you need to insure that your vehicles are operating as they should and that the maintenance schedules are being properly maintained.

Proper use of the EzToTrack system will allow you to stay ahead of the breakdown curve and get you into a preventative maintenance mode to insure proper operation of your equipment. Equipment safety and reliability are big factors and the RTA system addresses both of those issues with historical tracking as well as predictive failure analysis of your equipment.

We have always found their service efficient and thorough.

The staff are always cheerful and pleasant, dealing with our complex needs promptly.


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