Sophisticated IoT solution for fleet and asset management

Fully automated tracking solution for your industry

GPS tracking software solutions

Real-time Fleet Visibility

Access your fleet’s real-time and historical activity at all times from any desktop or mobile device with EZtoTrack GPS tracking software.

Monitor Fleet Utilization

Extend your vehicle and asset life-cycles and use the data from your GPS tracking software to assist with rightsizing your fleet.

Investigate Trends & Measure KPIs

Use GPS tracking to easily identify and track the key performance indicators that matter most to your business.

Enhance Vehicle and Driver Safety

Monitor and coach driver behavior, utilize driver panic buttons, and keep your vehicles safe to operate with EZtoTrack software.

Reduce Fuel, Labor, & Other Costs

Control idling, speeding, unauthorized usage, actual hours worked vs. hours claimed, and stay on top of maintenance.

Give Access to Anyone

Allow your management team to gain mobile workforce intelligence and control what they have access to.

Different Tracking Device Options:

  • Light Duty Vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Powered Equipment & Other Assets
  • Non Powered Equipment & Other Assets


ELD Device Options:

  • ELD Compatible
  • DOT Compliance
  • IFTA Compatible


Fleet and Asset Tracking Device Options:

  • Long lasting IoT device
  • Extreme low power consumption module
  • Adaptive power management and multi-protocol platform
  • Resilient and robust design


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