EZtoTrack Tracking Solutions for Truck Fleet Management


  • Fuel theft
  • High manual and administrative work for managing company truck fleet
  • Monitor and protect vehicle transported goods in real-time


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Transport documentation
  • Driver identification
  • Protection against theft of goods
  • Fuel and vehicles


  • Minimization of theft losses
  • More efficient resource deployment
  • Automatic operating time billing

Top trends facing light- and medium-duty truck fleets

truck fleet management

Managing Fuel Spend

As the largest component of operating costs, truck fleets have a relentless focus on fuel-reduction strategies, which are often part of corporate sustainability initiatives. Ongoing volatile fuel prices have kept managing fuel spend a top concern for fleet managers, who, in turn, are constantly searching for ways to improve fleet fuel efficiency. As a result, many fleets are adopting multi-pronged fuel management strategies to control fuel spend, such as:

  • Revising Vehicle Specifications
  • Modifying Driver Behavior
  • Managed Fuel Program
  • Apps to Find Lowest Cost Fuel
  • More Fuel-Efficient OEM Offerings
  • Engine Governors are migrating to Light-Duty Trucks
  • Increased use of APUs & Two-Speed Engine Fan Clutch
  • Proliferation of Anti-Idling Laws.

The control of fuel costs can be improved as a result of truck fleet management software.

Initiatives to Rightsized Trucks and Engines

A number of fleets are downsizing or rightsizing fleet assets, where possible. I.e. many fleets are moving from a 1-ton pickup down to a ¾-ton or from a ¾-ton to a ½-ton. Rightsizing not only reduces initial costs, but also improves fuel economy over the life of the vehicle.

Trends in Truck Safety and Accident Management

Fleet safety and accident management continue to be high priorities. First of all priorities for fleet managers, and also for senior management.

 Truck Acquisition Trends

Faced with doing more with less and making budgets stretch further, fleet managers are keeping trucks in service longer. While this means keeping up with preventive maintenance for vehicles that are already in a fleet, it has also resulted in new trucks being engineered. And in some cases over-engineered, to allow for a longer service life with lower overall maintenance costs. There is also a trend toward refurbishing equipment in a fleet — from truck bodies to cranes and other specialty equipment such as a hy-rail up-fit — rather than purchase new equipment.

Replacement Tires and Recaps

The cost of replacement tires is primarily influenced by the cost of the raw materials used to produce them, namely rubber and oil.

As a result the industry forecast for replacement tires is to continue to have upward pricing pressures. One beneficiary of the higher cost of replacement tires has been increased demand for recaps.

Given the dynamics of the daily operations of the company and the number of vehicles necessary a lot of information is provided by Bransys fleet managment system. Dauti Commerce has a long and successful implementation of this system.

Using this software rather facilitate our work as a company in its entirety. Fast and modern application with the possibility of producing reports and notifications of total costs of vehicles and it has helped us to reduce costs and increase employee productivity. Thanks to the quality of service and the huge benefits will always be room for further cooperation.

Nermine Sulejmani

Dauti Commerce

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