EzToTrack Tracking Solutions for Winter Services


Your business depends on the reliability and efficiency of your drivers and crews in order to stay competitive. You need a tool that will answer the unknowns about your mobile operations and ensure you are leading the way competitively.


EzToTrack gives you the visibility you need to run as efficiently as possible while reducing costs, reducing risk, and increasing revenue.

Winter Services

Using our application EzToTrack software and vehicle telemetry are now a great way to meet increased performance targets for organizations that oversee winter maintenance activities on their road network as well as for entrepreneurs carrying out these activities in order to optimize their operating costs.

Modern technologies available in data loggers, sensors for determining scraping and / or spreading activities, temperature probes, reading protocols for data coming from the spreader controllers, communication means and the use of the Web to exploit the information of the vehicle fleet, allow companies to have optimal solutions at very affordable costs to ensure the visibility of their operational activities and effective management of these activities.

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