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Everything we do, we believe in optimizing the most important challenges of all times – time and money. The way we are optimizing time and money is by improving efficiency and productivity to all our clients by innovating custom software solutions and integrating complete system solutions.

The biggest challenges for fleet businesses, efficiency and productivity, are solved with the unique fleet management software and hardware solution, innovated and designed by Bransys Group, customizable for each client to reduce fleet costs, reduce empty working hours to heavy machines, increase efficient routing, scheduling and more customized solutions, all highly structured in one advanced system solution – EZtoTrack.

EZtoTrack was first introduced into the marketplace in 2008 in Europe, founded by Branko Trajkovski, and in 2015 it had its start on the US market. Even with our significant growth, we remain focused on innovation in the name of our clients’ success.


EzToTrack works with businesses that have fleets of vehicles and other mobile assets to solve your unique business challenges through increased revenue, reduced costs, and reduced risk.

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