Fleet Management Systems for Small Fleets

Poorly run fleets are remarkably similar, lacking organization, planning, and control. On the other side, well-run fleet operations differ each from the next as much as day from night.

Small businesses face many challenges. Keeping the revenue generating vehicle fleet running is one of the most challenging. But they don’t realize that fleet management doesn’t have to be expensive and complex even for small fleets.

When you don’t have many vehicles, you may not have a backup vehicle ready on a busy day. If any of your vehicles break down or crash, you can end up in a situation where your whole schedule is thrown off track and the level of service you provide to your customers is impacted. Also in a small business, managing the fleet may not be a singular person’s job. Often, the fleet manager isn’t just a fleet manager. When you have tons of other tasks to handle in addition to the fleet, crucial management tasks can fall to the wayside. Especially if you’re also one of the fleet drivers yourself.


EZtoTrack – Tracking Solutions for Small Fleets

That is why EZtoTrack has been designed to serve the needs of small business fleets. Our fleet management software simplifies fleet maintenance and management, fleet expense tracking and reporting. With EZtoTrack small fleets get better fuel efficiency through monitoring and reporting of vehicle idle times, utilization management and route tracking.  Tracking of fuel receipts and fuel cards helps manage costs by vehicle and/or driver. Also. automating fleet vehicle maintenance scheduling for small fleet of cars and trucks helps to keep your fleet vehicles running longer and with less downtime. It also reduces administrative overhead by letting your team focus on the critical issues rather than chasing drivers for odometer readings to keep manual systems up-to-date. EZtoTrack helps small fleets keep vehicles in good operating order and improve vehicle performance. This way businesses can track driver performance and behavior patterns like speeding, aggressive braking and rapid acceleration to identify driver issues before they become a business liability.

Therefore, fleet management systems may get the small companies out of their comfort zone. But, at the same time, it will make planning, organizing and control much easier. This will let them grow and compete with the big players on the market.