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‘Roll-offs’ like roll-off trucks, roll-off containers and roll-off dumpsters, represent a substantial capital investment for waste management companies. If you’re using a manual check-in/out system, you know how time-consuming and error-prone it can be. Sometimes employees can forget to record important information like serial numbers, location and/or quantity delivered. So, this causes equipment to be easily forgotten and/or lost. And most important, if you’re collecting rent on these containers, you could be undercharging your customers.

Because of this, roll-offs tracking systems that use RFID’s can help you track, manage and rent roll-offs. The roll-off tracking software and hardware gives you control over your dumpsters and greater visibility into your operations. This solutions can help you:

  • Know the location of your containers and dumpsters
  • Track time how long they’ve been there,
  • Automate and simplify rental calculations,
  • Increase revenues by avoiding situations where your containers sit idle at customer sites,
  • Eliminate delivery paperwork,
  • Purchase fewer new containers by deploying the existing fleet more effectively.

Systems that help you track your roll-offs will help you know where you have left them, who has them, and what day you need to pick them up.

How can RFID’s help you track your roll-offs?

RFID systems consist of three components: an RFID tag, an RFID reader, and an antenna. RFID tags contain an integrated circuit and an antenna, which are used to transmit data to the RFID reader. The reader then converts the radio waves to a more usable form of data. Information collected from the tags is then transferred through a communications interface to a host computer system, where the data can be stored in a database and analyzed at a later time.

This way, with RFID’s, you can track all the data collected by the tags mounted on your roll-offs.

Track Roll-offs

Now you can use the power of Waste Management Software Solutions to manage your roll-offs fast and easy!